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As one of the United States' premier research facilities, FDA's National Center for Toxicological Research (NCTR) has available staff, laboratories, and equipment that serve as an excellent incentive to make locating in The Bioplex attractive for biotechnology industries.

NCTR is nationally recognized for research that:

  • Addresses the mechanisms of toxicity of chemicals and pharmaceuticals

  • Defines the risks associated with chemical and microbial food contamination

  • Identifies means of early, rapid, and sensitive detection of biological or chemical threats potentially used by terrorists

NCTR, with its breadth of capabilities, is able to guide and support regulatory decisions.  It:

  • Evaluates chemicals and pharmaceuticals for outcomes such as cancer, birth defects, neurological disease, and liver toxicity

  • Determines if foods are safe from microbial and chemical contamination

  • Develops means to keep the nation secure from biological and chemical terrorism


NCTR Campus Aerial Photograph

NCTR offers a secure campus, including:

  • 500 acres adjacent to Pine Bluff Arsenal

  • 30 buildings; $20 million in capital investment

  • 400,000 square feet of available space under roof

        Available space at NCTR    Available space at NCTR


Accredited Animal Research Facility

  • Nationally reviewed to promote animal well-being

  • Pathogen-free animals

  • Unique diet preparation facilities

Quality Assurance Staff reviews all work

  • Research complies with Good Laboratory Practices Regulations

  • Animal work, feed, and results are monitored for chemical and microbial purity

Biological Safety Laboratories

  • Ten all new biosafety laboratories, with space available

Internationally recognized staff

  • 115 Ph.D. scientists with multiple areas of expertise

  • 460 support scientists and other staff

  • Post doctoral fellows, graduate students, and visiting scientists frequently work at NCTR, coming from points around the globe

Center for Phototoxicology

  • With support from the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences, NCTR has developed one of only two  facilities in the U.S. that can expose animals, cells, or chemical mixtures to simulated sunlight

  • Currently the facility is used to study potential toxicities resulting from the interaction of sunlight and cosmetics and sunlight and tattoo pigments



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